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Omatek Laboratories Pvt ltd

178, Sector “F” Sanwer Road, Industrial area
Indore MP, Pin code 452015(India) Tele/ fax: +91-731-4080190 Mob.:00919977389813

Email : info@omateklab.com
Web : www.omateklab.com
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Products & Services

A. Custom synthesis / R&D / Testing /Job work & Consultancy

  • Custom synthesis,
  • Contract research
  • R&D & Testing of Chemicals, pharma and Nutraceutical products.
  • Job work : Production,Purification of solvents and chemicals.
  • Consultancy on products processes & Quality systems

B. 1. Inorganic compounds

  • Any Inorganic salts of requirements
  • Gold potassium cynide (GPC) For electro plating
  • Silver nitrate AR /LR & other salts
  • Silver di hydrogen Citrate
  • Collodial silver 50, 100, 1000 and 5000ppm
  • Silvernitrate 0.01% and hydrogen peroxide 10%
  • Meganessium turnings, Nickel powder, Nickel Oxide, sulphate
  • Carbamide peroxide 99% stable for dental application
  • Sodium per carbonate (Oxy soda S ) 10% Oxy for washing soda

B. 2. Organic compound Chemicals, Pharma & Nutra products

  • Organic salts Soduim potassium, Calcium and Hydrochloride
  • Purified chemicals, pharma and nutra products
  • Soya epoxide and bio diesel
  • Collodion flexible BP/USP Grade
  • Soya protiene hydrolysate
  • Gelatine Hydrolysate
  • Vegetation capsules.

B.3 Purified solvents /reagents

  • Methanol HPLC grade
  • Acetonitrile HPLC grade
  • Any reagents of requirements.

B 4 Oxidised compounds, Disinfectants & Consumables

  • Peracetic acid 5, 15 & 25%
  • Omasil (Virosil type product) with silver & H2O2
  • Omsafe sirka formulated PAA Edible disinfectant
  • Liquid soap and sampoo
  • Sartic (Instant toilet cleaner)

C. Herbal & Neutroceutical products

  • Iron Ascorbate and other similar kind of nutra products
  • Liquid syrup honey /Invert sugar based
  • Specific salt for health and energy
  • Lycopine
  • Boswelic acid
  • Curcumine
  • Tetra hydro curcumin
  • Herbal extract of requirements and Formulated products Any other product of your specific requirements, many more products are in pipeline, new plant & R&D facilities are being added , Dr D L Sharma MD

And many more products are in pipeline, Big plant & Research facilities are being added in 3 months time by July 2011.

Dr. D L Sharma, MD